The Mythos Story

Nestled in a vibrant corner of a trendy urban setting, Mythos gets ready for its early evening service. A waiter sees you slow your pace to glance across the sea of tables decked with clear blue water bottles, wine glasses glistening under the soft lighting. He welcomes you with a friendly smile, just as you’re greeted by the heavenly aroma of delicious food. You’re enticed.

You take your seat at a table with a view, overlooking the evening’s lights and fellow diners enjoying the warm relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is here. From the young and fashionable sipping cocktails and the serious business diners tucking into hearty moussakas, to cosy corner couples enjoying romance and laughter. Across from you, a large group gathered for a special occasion clink their glasses in a celebratory toast.

Your chilled wine arrives with a menu that’s bursting with Greek favourites as well as contemporary cuisine. Will it be the kleftiko, which your waiter explains is made to a secret family recipe and the best in town? Or maybe fresh dolmades for starters followed by a souvlakia for mains? Inspired by the al fresco atmosphere, you settle on the traditional Greek meze with a little of everything to share, a meal to savour and an experience to treasure.

Raise your glass to the story of Mythos.

Opening Event